BJDW - 751 Int’l Design Festival 2017


The 751 International Design Festival 2017 focuses on the core theme of inclusive design and proposes the concept of " Inspired by Uniqueness". Here there are two ideas at play: the first, user groups are equal and diverse, with no grade but difference only; the second, individuals all have potential variability, and therefore the group has the possibility of turning into a vulnerable one under certain conditions and then are in need of special care, for instance, when a person is sick or injured or a woman is pregnant. Inclusive design does not require a design to be used by everyone, but tries the best to fully understand the diversity of user groups and expand the design to benefit the largest group of people possible, thus reducing user exclusion in the design process. What the concept of "Common due to Difference" proposes and advocates is to proceed from the needs of different groups and to achieve the purpose of common sharing and benefiting, realizing “Design for the Public”.

The 9-day 751 Design Festival offers multiple participating platforms, including exhibitions, forums, events, markets and non- convenience stores for visitors to both learn, experience and explore, with the chief aim of enlightening the public to participate in the Festival activities and arouse their reflections and their care for diversified groups of individuals.

The main visual design system of the 751 Design Festival is based on the following core theme: with the starting point of cognition - " circular point (dot)" as the core element of the design, through permutation and combination of dots, the picture forms a shade effect, making the visual section of "earth" (i.e. the negative space) to display readable information, for instance of the Chinese characters "为众设计 (Inspired by Uniqueness)" and "设计论坛 (Design Forum)", etc. During the access of vital information, visitors will unknowningly discover this part of contents and have a sense of surprise. This is an interactive communication for viewers, as questions are asked to them with the aim to arouse the reflection of viewers on the minority individuals who actually exist but are maybe neglected by us for a long time. The world is different because of all of us but is common due to our good will!

2017年751国际设计节以包容性设计为核心议题,提出了 “为众设计——因不同而共同”。在这里它有两个假设前提:一、用户群体是平等且多元的,不分高下,只有不同;二、个体都有潜在的变化性,在特定的状况下都有可能转变成弱势,需要被特殊照顾,譬如当我们生病、受伤或女生怀孕时等。包容性设计并非要求设计能够被每个人使用, 而是力图充分认识用户群体之多样性,将其拓展至一个最大化的受益群体,在设计的过程和结果中减少用户排除。“因不同而共同”所提出和倡导的也是从不同的群体需求出发,而到达共同享用和受益的目的,实现“为众设计”。


设计节的主视觉设计系统基于这样的核心议题,以认知的起点 — “圆点”作为设计的核心元素,通过对圆点的排列组合,让画面形成遮挡的效果,使视觉“地”部分(即负空间)显现可阅读信息,比如中文字“为众设计”“设计论坛”等。观者在获取必要信息的过程中,会意外发现这部分内容,产生惊喜。这既是与观者的互动沟通,同时也是在发问,希望引起观者的反思,反思之前实际存在,却被我们长期忽略的少数个体。世界因你而不同,因善意而共同!