BJDW - 751 Int’l Design Festival 2019

DESIGNER: Zhu Chao, Zhao Yuelin
MOTION: Li Huang, Huang Jia

“A Better City” has been proposed as the core topic in the 751 International Design Festival 2019, in order to explore the relationship between people and cities.

A city has recorded human civilization, since so many generations of people have lived here. The life over time here makes a city a world of wonders. A city flourishes as human society develops, and in this process, it becomes imbued with marks of humanity. Today, there are cities with a history of hundreds or even thousands of years,and there are also newly built ones out of political considerations.

The planning and layout of a city can affect or even change our life which in return pushes forward the evolution of the city. The main visual of this design week is inspired by the macro structure of the city, abstracting the city loops and forming abstract lines that grow from small to big, representing the process of urban development. The design also incorporates the initials of this year’s theme, making the lines both abstract and concrete which are visually interesting. The rainbow conveys beauty, which is expressed through bright gradient colors. The intermingling of the lines and colors make a better city.