DESIGNER: Zhu Chao, Bai Fengkun,
                      Li Huang, Sun He


"POIESIS" is the creative theme for the undergraduate Class of 2023 of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, aiming to encourage students to practice and innovate with an attitude that breaks away from the conventions. This book serves as a summary of the graduation creations of all undergraduate students for that year. The book was designed in two forms for different usage scenarios: as separate volumes and as a collection.

"POIESIS" also implies ingenuity. "New" things often arise unexpectedly from mistakes. We deliberately magnified the occasional irregularities that turn up during book production, including unexpected paper folding and larger pages. By considering the bleed margin, we created irregular folded pages and page corners on the front cover and chapter pages, presenting a reading experience that is "beyond the ordinary".

The separate volumes of the collection are divided by the college, with 8 sets of exclusive colors corresponding to each college. Additionally, the format was adjusted horizontally or vertically, based on reasonable paper usage, rendering 8 different sizes for the 8 colleges. Each college has its own unique characteristics, and when stacked together, the vibrant folded effects create a diverse and elegant arrangement. In terms of content, we borrowed from "bullet comments", the communication style beloved by students, adding corresponding conceptual keywords to each work. The texts and images are combined to interpret the students' creative ingenuity.

The collection's binding design does not follow the conventional format of front cover, spine, and back cover. Instead, it extends the concept of "New Tailoring" by using a variable folding structure to create a nonlinear, open, and free reading experience. Readers can start reading from any volume and then, through folding, create new book forms. Therefore, the readers unknowingly become part of the entire design process, becoming a creator of the "New Tailoring" concept.